Standard 1

Scientific & Theoretical Knowledge
Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.

                                                                           Standard 1:
 Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge

Element 1.3: Describe and apply motor development theory and principles related to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness.
Artifact:  PED 201 Motor Development Lab 2
Date: Fall 2010
During one of my lab experiences at Saint Mary’s Elementary school in PED 201 Motor Development we were tasked with assessing different motor development skills including running, galloping and hopping. This experience was a great way to reflect Standard 1 element 1.3 because it worked hand in hand with the Motor Development Theory and it related to skillful movement, physical activity and fitness.  By using this theory I was able to critique and assess the different motor skills that were being performed by the students. The artifact that follows is a prime example of how we as a class and I as a student of Physical Education can describe and apply the motor development theory to motor development movements. This artifact is of significant importance in my development as a Physical Educator because it shows how using this theory can relate to basic motor movements such as running, galloping and hopping. Also by knowing this theory and how I can relate it to my experience as a Physical Educator it will make me much more efficient in assessing students and their fine and gross motor skills.